Technology Partnerships

We believe in Partnership with Industry Innovators and Leaders

At Canspirit we believe in strong collaboration and partnerships. We extend our technology and business capabilities through a strong partner ecosystem of market leaders and innovators. So this enables us to provide our clients with the best-specialized skills and tailored solutions:

About  Our Partnership

Canspirit and World’s Leading Enterprise Hadoop vendor Cloudera have entered into a professional partnership. The partnership is focused on making big data more accessible for organizations. Cloudera will serve up its Hadoop distribution platform to Canspirit customers, while Canspirit will offer support to clients looking to marry the data platform with their existing IT infrastructure. Our other Technology partner & Big data partner is Cloudera which is a US-based software company that provides a software platform. Read More


Canspirit and Omni ID have entered into a professional partnership. The partnership between Canspirit and Omni ID is  focused on providing high end IOT and Artificial Intelligence solutions. The new Sense range by Omni-ID is the first in an anticipated long line of forward looking communication devices offering robust, reliable and effective linkage to the Internet of Things working together with  Canspirit.

It is the future of tracking, monitoring, sensing and data gathering. Read More