About Us

Challenging ourselves to bring new and original ways of value for you

Who we are? What we do?

Proven expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Analytics, UX, Cloud, Mobile Technologies, Careers.

At Canspirit we are a team of energetic‚ creative‚ and disciplined professionals who focus on shaping your careers. We provide Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IOT in addition to software R&D services. Above all we have helped large, medium and small businesses do a digital transformation. We design‚ develop‚ and test innovative Artificial Intelligence solutions. Similarly we have a singular focus on business, technology‚ agile approach‚ and innovation. Therefore enabling us to create solutions for clients. In addition we enable our clients to address the changing needs of their customers‚ and build loyalty therefore by delivering value.

Why choose Canspirit over others?

  • You need a Artificial Intelligence Solution?

  • You have a Big Data Problem?

  • Ready to move forward with AI and Innovation

  • You have to build a solution quickly and cost-effectively?

What We Have

We have the infrastructure‚ expertise‚ and know-how to build a product quickly and economically. Therefore helping us in clearing the hurdles you may face in its development. Above all‚ we are technology entrepreneurs‚ who thrive on challenges and enjoy overcoming them to succeed.

While you focus on creating your product market strategy‚ we will take care of the rest! In addition our collaborative approach will allow you to concentrate on your core business. While we build a product that offers you a competitive advantage. Similarly we will manage all product development activities and seamlessly integrate them with your operations. In conclusion our partnership ensures that your product gets to market faster and more cost-effectively.

Who We Serve?

Having successfully delivered over hundreds of products and cutting-edge services‚ we have therefore emerged as a strong and preferred partner to our vast client base. Which mainly includes global technology companies. Above all,it is taking on the development of a specific product‚ or creating a team dedicated to a client’s requirements. We work closely and collaboratively with our clients‚ meeting their unique needs. Similarly, we do what it takes to enhance the experience of your customer and add value.

We are a strategic partner to organizations across a wide range of industry verticals and segments. For instance digital media‚ telecommunications‚ healthcare‚ financial services‚ supply chain management‚ and workforce management.


Ketan Patwardhan


Ketan is seasoned Business Strategist for growth-hungry enterprises. He understands business and growth challenges in emerging markets. Continents like North America, Europe has also consulted leading Blue-chip companies to drive growth. Our CEO is known for his acumen of harnessing Technology, Human Resource to achieve rapid business results. Therefore leading change and growth through digital transformation. He is a passionate Golf player, who also participates in many community driven services.

Martin Chamberlin


Martin has in-depth Business Intelligence and Analytics experience. Martin’s expertise is in Identifying and Defining the business problems and Solutions. At  SHRM, which was worlds leading HR Organisation,  Martin was instrumental in implementing Fuzzy Logic solution. Which in conclusion helped to clean Customer Master Data and use it to De-Duplicate Customer records. Martin used data insights to minimize “Customer Churning” . Above all he understands business pain points and has a focus on ROI based solutions. He has implemented numerous cutting-edge Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions.

Dr Vishwas Chavan

Principal Data Scientist

Expertise in Analysis, Design, Development of Complex Data Systems that involve one or more of the following:

  • Predictive Models.
  • Feature Extraction.
  • Data-driven Analysis.
  • Application of Machine Learning Algorithms.
  • Text Mining.
  • Decision Support.
  • Variable Selection and Model Fit.

In Addition to all of this he is a Great Motivator, Speaker and Team Mentor.

Milind Mandlik

Head – IOT Analytics

Milind Mandlik is a hands on Technical and Business Expert in IOT Analytics. Milind leads the design and development of  Complex IOT and Data Systems. For instance, he has lead the team that developed a IOT device (Glucometer) which worked on electrophoressis principle.
In conclusion the results are transmitted on mobile via BLE and stored on cloud when connected to WiFi. Similarly he has worked with Johnson & Johnson Diagnostic, IT Organizations Atos, Techmahindra, Qlogic.

Naresh  Dhola

Associate Data Scientist, Germany

Naresh is an Expert   Data Scientist and Business Consultant leading the Cansprit.ai Team. Naresh’s main focus is to deliver  Artificial Intelligence and Analytic Solutions across the European Market.

Naresh and his team have delivered numerous AI solutions in various verticals like Finance and  Manufacturing. Naresh has in-depth AI and Data Engineering Expertise.


“We have worked with Canspirit for the past 5 years. As we have grown and evolved, what I have valued most about our relationship is that Canspirit is willing to go the extra mile to help us with drive growth.”