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Use DevOps for Faster Time to Market. DevOps is an umbrella name for a collection of improvement strategies built around a simple idea: that all facets of your technology organization must be aligned towards the the common goal of rapidly and reliably producing high-quality software-based products and services.

DevOps is about continuously looking for new ways to break down silos, remove bottlenecks, and eliminate inefficiencies — all while holding ourselves to a higher standard of quality and reliability.

DevOps borrows heavily from the lessons of Lean and Agile, including the lesson that the path to success begins with implementing a culture of Continual Improvement within your organization. This idea of Continual improvement is at the core of our “3 B’s” approach to solving DevOps problems.

The business value of DevOps can be directly measured. How DevOps is transforming our work, consider how Lean transformed manufacturing in the 1980s. Researchers observed that Toyota Motor North America Inc. had at least four times the productivity of other manufacturers, able to produce twice the output (e.g., assembled cars ready to be sold) with only one-half the inputs (e.g., floor space, work in process, etc.). Over the next decade, the adoption of Lean philosophies and methods led to an unprecedented surge in worker productivity, better delivery performance, reduced inventory levels and higher customer satisfaction and employee happiness.

DevOPs Product Managment

DevOps covers product management, development and QA and all the way into IT operations, where value is delivered to customers. DevOps practices enable fast flow of features from development into IT operations, while preserving world-class availability, reliability and security.

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