For Canspirit UX design means taking your users needs into account at every stage of your product lifecycle. From usability of your website home page to adding a product to your cart to receiving the email invoice. UX is the difference between a good & bad website.

Village Machan Resort that envisions tourism that takes you closer to nature. Their website needs to be explain what’s on offer and have the ability to expand as more services are offered and more packages are rolled out. They approached Canspirit UX team to help them in their redesign.

Designing Systems, Not just Pages

It was very clear to everyone involved that simply designing and developing a set of pages wouldn’t scale well. What was really needed was a system of modular components from which many page types could be assembled. Canspirit UX Team choose WordPress.

Oh, and everything has to work on mobile devices as well as tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

This modular approach is exactly the kind of thing that we like getting stuck into at Canspirit, and we build responsively by default, so this was right up our alley.

Front-end Styleguide

The final deliverable for Village Machan Resort was a front-end styleguide: a well-documented collection of patterns and templates in HTML, CSS, and a little smattering of JavaScript.

From the smallest components like buttons and links, right up to a grid system for page layouts, everything retains the Village Machan Resort look’n’feel through consistent use of colour, typography and whitespace.

Armed with this arsenal of modular components, the Village Machan Resort team began to roll out their redesign step-by-step.