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Big Data Analytics Services

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Big Data Analytic Services

Canspirit provides Big Data thought leadership and services‚ creating new ways of analyzing data to gain key business insights across enterprises. Our experience extends across the Big Data ecosystem including Hadoop‚ NoSQL‚ NewSQL‚ MPP databases‚ machine learning‚ and visualization.

5- STEPS for Big Data Analytics

Canspirit offers a quick start 5- STEP program for architecture advisory‚ proof of concept‚ and implementation services for Data Analytics:

Canspirit Big Data Analytics Approach

Big Data Analytics: Quick Start – 5 Week Program

Canspirit offers a 5-week program designed to quickly bring your organization up to speed on the range of Big Data solutions, so that you can identify the tools best suited to meet your business needs, and devise a plan to get you up and running fast.

We’ll work with you to bring business and IT professionals together so that you can understand the potential of Big Data technologies and devise a strategy that will enable you to meet your business goals quickly and inexpensively. During the program we’ll work with you to:

  • Understand your Big Data objectives.
  • Understand your level of familiarity with Big Data technologies.
  • Explore potential analytics solutions and products that leverage your business’s existing assets.
  • Prioritize your solutions into a roadmap, based on value to your business, technical risk, and duration.
  • Document your Big Data business strategy.

Analytics: Quick Start – 5 Week Program

Assessment : Week 1

The initial workshop introduces you to basic concepts of Big Data, the variety of Big Data technologies, and the types of business problems these tools can be used to solve. At the end of this session, you’ll be well prepared for the trek ahead.

  • Understand the latest Big Data technologies and best practices

  • Understand how Big Data technologies can enable you to meet your business goals and lower costs

Road Map: Week 2

Once you understand of the potential of Big Data technologies, we’ll turn our attention to building a ROAD MAP to solve the challenges facing your business and help you to understand how you can use these technologies to achieve your goals.

Pilot Implementation: Week 3

In this workshop we’ll work with your IT professionals to develop a use cases that describe solutions to your business problems using Big Data tools. You’ll learn which tools offer best and most cost–effective solutions to various business problems and how to create use cases that you can act on quickly.

  • Understand areas that can be improved

  • Identify and develop a specific use cases to be solved

Engineering: Week 4

Implement the POC using the appropriate technology. Review the options available to solve these problems in five key areas:

  • Data Visualization : Tableau, D3 JS, Microsoft Power BI

  • Analytics :Mahout, NLTK, OpenNLP, UIMA

  • Data Extraction(ETL/ELT) :Flume, Sqoop

  • Data Processing :Hadoop, MapR, Greenplum, Vertica, Lucene Solr

  • Data Storage :HDFS, NoSQL (DataStax Cassandra, MongoDB, Oracle)

Automation: Week 5

Now that both business and IT have a shared understanding your business objectives and the best available technologies, you’ll learn how you can transform the use cases developed in the previous workshop into a well-defined blueprint for tackling a specific business problem.
At the end of this workshop, together we’ll have created a specification that describes:

  • Data sources and formats

  • Data transformations and other processing

  • Recommended cluster configuration

  • A sample set of test cases to validate the overall workflow and demonstrate the desired results