Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Machine learning, is on the edge of revolutionizing all business sectors. Most leaders in those industries look at Artificial Intelligence and see a non-stable, none viable technology in the short term. They are wrong. Business Leaders with an Open Mind can use AI to disrupt existing business Models and Create new business Models.

Artificial Intelligence holds the key to transforming society and ushering in a better future. The impact of AI is much bigger than the industrial and technical revolutions of the past. It’s on a scale bigger than even the digital revolution unfolding in front of our eyes.

The most exciting part is, machines can now sense, reason and behave. Distilling a generally-accepted definition of what qualifies as artificial intelligence (AI) has become a revived topic of debate in recent times. Some have rebranded AI as “cognitive computing” or “machine intelligence”, while others incorrectly interchange AI with “machine learning”. This is in part because AI is not one technology. It is in fact a broad field constituted of many disciplines, ranging from robotics to machine learning. The ultimate goal of AI, most of us affirm, is to build machines capable of performing tasks and cognitive functions that are otherwise only within the scope of human intelligence. In order to get there, machines must be able to learn these capabilities automatically instead of having each of them be explicitly programmed end-to-end.

It’s amazing how much progress the field of AI has achieved over the last 10 years, ranging from self-driving cars to speech recognition and synthesis. Against this backdrop, AI has become a topic of conversation in more and more companies and households who have come to see AI as a technology that isn’t another 20 years away, but as something that is impacting their lives today.

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