A  5 advantages of choosing Google Cloud Platform

Overview of Google Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting presented by Google is known as Google Cloud Hosting. Google gives free cloud hosting with a trial plan for the primary 12 months. You may select one of the convenient Google Cloud Hosting Pricing plans on the expiry of this trial period. You also can evaluate Google Cloud Platform pricing plans to take benefits of numerous services presented with the aid of using Google.

If you wish not to use any of the Google Cloud Platform Pricing plan or Google Cloud Hosting Pricing plan, you can also select the free version of Google Cloud i.e. Google Cloud Platform Free Tier.

5 advantages of choosing Google Cloud Platform

1.Better pricing plan

The fundamental benefit of Google Cloud Hosting is which you are not bounded from their subscriptions in the event if they have subscribed to one of the pricing plans. If you’re searching out a better offer, you could transfer your subscription to different plans.

2.Improved Performance

One can get data from anywhere through remote. It has a huge infrastructure that makes it clean to perform numerous complicated operations on its network. Google Cloud Machines can cope with lots of traffic at any time.

3.Private Network

Private networks are the spine of Google Cloud Hosting. Google makes use of fiber optic cables which are greater green than different cables on the subject of spreading the network. The networks via fiber optics can cope with lots of traffic.

4.Security and Control

Google has its personal safety version this is presently shielding Gmail, You Tube, and different products. Google has employed a huge no of security professionals to assist Google shield the records on servers.

5.Redundant backup

Google has its personal in-constructed redundant backups. If a few a part of the element doesn’t work, Google will generate a backup. This explains that, you can store your data at different places.


It’s not only cheaper, but you can additionally gain from one among the biggest networks in the world. This manner much less latency and greater correct value estimate due to the fact data may be processed in a shorter time. In the case of latency, the Google Cloud Platform has much less latency compared to others.